Ep. 630 Matteo Acmé | Biodynamic & Organic


Ep. 630 Monty Waldin interviews Matteo Acmé of the Filodivino winery on this episode of Biodynamic & Organic.

More about Matteo and the winery:
Matteo Acmè is the sales manager of Filodovino, a beautiful organic winery located in the Marche region, Italy. Filodivino is committed to the preservation and valorization of the unique terroir where it is based. This is the home of Verdicchio and Lacrima di Morro d’Alba, two autochthonous grapes with great versatility.
Organic and homeopathic practices are the core of the Filodivino winemaking philosophy, the winery takes responsibility for their environmental wellbeing in order to achieve the highest quality products.

Find out more about Matteo and the winery!
Website: www.filodivino.it
Instagram: filodivino_wineresort
Facebook: @Filodivino.wineresor

To find out more about Monty visit:
Website: www.chateaumonty.com

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June 20, 2022
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