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Ep. 635 Monty Waldin interviews Francesca Coppola of the Pizzolato winery on this episode of Biodynamic & Organic.

More about the winery:
Five generations of history and tradition, a long commitment in the oenological production, respecting the wine and its quality, a Winery that has been able to put into practice its own idea of “future”. These are the deep roots of the Pizzolato Family, on which the whole production philosophy was founded. It has been a long road that started 40 years ago, when, in 1981, Settimo joined the Company, started to collaborate with his father, and gradually undertook the organic management of the Winery. He is one of the first wine producers in Italy that made this choice.
Settimo Pizzolato was able to gain the official certification for organic wines in 1991. Today the result is a Wine that tells us about the land, and a life style in harmony with nature.

“Forty years have gone, since I started to work beside my father and to manage our Farm- says the owner, Settimo Pizzolato – Since that moment, my wish was to change-over to the organic production and to again find the ancient connection between Man and Earth.”

Find out more about the winery:
Website: www.lacantinapizzolato.com
Instagram: cantinapizzolato
Facebook: La Cantina Pizzolato – organic wine experience
Twitter: @pizzolatowinery

To find out more about Monty visit:
Website: www.chateaumonty.com

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June 20, 2022
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