Ep. 641 Fanny Breuil | Voices


Ep. 641 Rebecca Lawrence interviews Fanny Breuil in this episode of Voices

More about Fanny:
“I am Fanny Breuil, I am from Angers in the Loire and have always been in wine. I studied agronomy engineering and oenology. First, I worked as a winemaker (France, Italy, Chile) and then as a salesperson for a wine importer in the USA. In 2008, I founded my company Genuine Wines with a deep willingness to help winegrowers located in lesser-known or underappreciated wine regions (but that had great potential). I started with Jura and Emilia Romagna. Since then I have been helping them with their export markets as part of each team. These are French and Italian domaines. Aside from my main activitites within export, I also have a small Italian wine importing venture in France; I also work on Labadens, a wine project, I make wines along with Thomas Oui, a fellow wine lover.”

To find out more by visiting:
Website: www.genuinewines.com
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Linkedin: Genuine Wines

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