Ep. 645 Nicola Lenci | Biodynamic & Organic


Ep. 645 Monty Waldin interviews Nicola Lenci of Fattoria di Magliano winery on this episode of Biodynamic & Organic.

More about Fattoria di Magliano winery:
Fattoria di Magliano is located In Maremma Toscana, on a hilly landscape that gently descends towards the Tyrrhenian Sea, Monte Argentario and the Island of Giglio. The soil structure has a medium, rich consistency, it allows for good drainage and oxygenation, it also has great root penetration.These are characteristics that, together with the sun and the wind coming from the sea, the exposure of the vineyards and the low annual rainfalls, facilitate the approach to organic management. Organic management was a choice adopted in 2011, receiving the certification for all our wines from the 2016 harvest onwards. These conditions allow us to obtain wines with great structure and the ability to last over time, but they are also fragrant and very drinkable. This is a family own business, founded in 1997, and the vines were planted from 97-2001.

Website: www.fattoriadimagliano.it
Facebook: fattoriadimagliano

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Until next time, Cin Cin!

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June 20, 2022
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