Ep. 651 Victoria Cece | Voices


Ep. 651 Rebecca Lawrence interviews Victoria Cece in this episode of Voices.

More about guest Victoria Cece:
She is a spirited writer and gastronome with a love of storytelling. Her expertise lays in food and wine, with a specialization in Italian food culture.

She specializes in creative content writing and copywriting and knows how to create potent content that is engaging and, most importantly, brings high conversion rates. This goes for web, ad, and social media copy.

Victoria absolutely believes that active education on food, from nutrition to traditions, is the only way to strengthen a community’s tummies and its land’s soil. she channels this into her focus on writing.

As a freelance copywriter, she employs her research and creative writing skills to create effective content for food & beverage, digital marketing, and e-commerce firms.

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