Ep. 735 Roi Kliper | Get US Market Ready With Italian Wine People


Episode 735 Steve Raye interviews Roi Klipper in this episode of Get US Market Ready With Italian Wine People on the Italian Wine Podcast.

About today’s guest:
Roi Kliper is the Co-founder & CEO of City Hive. He also has a Postdoctorate, Innovation Fellow, Runway Program from Jacobs Technion at Cornell Institute at Cornell Tech
He leads a fast-growing startup. Entrepreneur, Researcher and Developer. Kliper is also an experienced data scientist and analyst, he specializes in Data Mining, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms design and implementation.
He is also a knowledge transfer expert and business and technological strategy developer. Adept at finding, handling, modeling, sampling and approximating big data to support business decisions and creating value.
His specialties include: Big Data, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition, Statistical Modeling, Signal Analysis, Dynamic Systems, Neural Networks, Distributed Systems

For more information on today’s guest you can check out:

More about the host Steve Raye:
Steve Raye of Bevology Inc originally joined our weekly lineup with narrations from his book “How to get US Market Ready” – but everyone just loved him so much, we brought him back with this series of interviews that informs and inspires! Each week he speaks to industry professionals; guests who have gained valuable experience in the Italian wine sector and have insightful tips and stories that can help anyone who wants to learn about getting US Market Ready!

For more information on the host Steve Raye you can check out his website, Bevology Inc. here: www.bevologyinc.com/
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June 20, 2022
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