Ep. 518 #everybodyneedsabitofscienza | Soil: Central Italy


Hi. I’ve been thinking about this little space that i cut out for myself and myself only each friday. I tell you so much about my life, and yes sometimes I overshare my thoughts and it gets messy, but I enjoy doing it.. But yeah I was thinking… Do these people ACTUALLY know who is speaking here is this lil box? Well, let me fix that.

Just in the same way that Prof. Scienza wants to go deep in the italian soils, I feel like I should do the same. In this episode especially, he talks about central Italy, the core of il Belpaese, while I try to work on my core 2 or 3 times per week with no results #sad.

Scienza talks about seas, lakes and rivers, while the rivers i see are just the ones i cry (cit. Justin Timberlake, Cry me a River, one of the best masterpieces ever created.)

Scienza goes on and on about minerality and I have to say I’ve been at my rock bottom so many times that I start to get what Scienza is saying.

Il Professore said something that shook me: he said that even the soil material found on the mountains is sometimes been dragged by the sea. #GOALS.

A buon intenditor.


Today’s musical guest is Mello C and you should listen to his thangz https://open.spotify.com/artist/2pSTq4JIsz336WkJictN0K?si=ZrVJ346wT6yx7DAZGfiDog


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