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Italian Wine Podcast episode 535

Monty Waldin has a chat with Daniele Proietti, of Abbia Nòva Winery, to know more about their natural agricultural approach.

We come from humble farming families. We have a natural agricultural approach, often quite personal, in constant flux, that reflects who we are: a fusion of local traditions and of something that is deeply cultural, that we’ve built from the teachings and influences of the many natural methods that we’ve experimented through the years.

Maybe because our grand parents handed over their hoe to our right hand and a metaphorical library to the other, that we’ve used to deepen the various agricultural approaches, treasure them and fuse them with our own. That hoe represents the viticultural tradition of Piglio, that has existed for two thousand years, on volcanic soils, with an obsessive care for plants and vineyards that have always coexisted with gardens, fruit trees and animals.

Our cellar is a small country house in the mountains, on the consular Roman road that took from Lazio to Abruzzo, two rooms with amphoras, concrete, wood and demijohn glass jugs. Our only tools, coordinated only by our heads and hands.

Visit Abbia Nòva Winery here https://en.abbianova.com/ or get in touch with them here [email protected]
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June 21, 2022
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