Ep. 549 Dan Kratzer | Get US Market Ready with Italian Wine People


Ep. 549 Steve Raye interviews Dan Kratzer of DMK Incorporated.

DANIEL M KRATZER…the wine path started at an early age while Sunday sipping on fresh wines with his Italian grandfather…very young. Through a diverse restaurant career wine has always given focus. His first wine travel was to Barolo, Piedmont In Northern Italy. This immediately secured the Italian passion for wine and its culture, many thanks to the hospitality of Italians. Through Sommelier positions with all Italian wine lists, an immersion opportunity arose to work and live in Venice, Italy of course he took it right away. This Sommelier post was for the historic Venice Simplon-Orient Express train. Pouring iconic bottles at rhythm to a track gage, it was an experience allowing direct study of European wines, European culture, zipping through the heart of Europe. On time off there were multiple days for vineyard and cellar visits. The return to the USA, Kratzer cut his teeth in the cycles of distribution landing in New York City. On the East Coast and working for a boutique Italian Wine Importer, there was always tastings with direct market work primarily in the NY and Boston wine scenes. The USA market was just seeing the post mid -century growth of Imported wines. This was especially the start to introductions of what Italy has a bounty to offer now, the ancient and historical revival of Vitas Vinifera. Also in this post era of introductions emerging are the modern wine techniques and self proclaimed modernists, he was alongside with producers now joining the wine scene. The more recent years brought him back to his hometown of Golden Colorado. Here settled and contributing to a thriving and important USA hub of growth for the import wine and spirits scene. At the foot of the Rocky Mountains, DMK Incorporated headquarters the selection of growers delivering their dedication, talent, hard work and quality to glass.

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