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Ep. 551 Rebecca Lawrence interviews Amber LeBeau of Spitbucket

Amber LeBeau is the founder of Spitbucket as well as a self-proclaimed geek who writes about what she’s drinking and geeking over. Spitbucket is an extremely popular wine blog and resources for those immersed in the wine world.
Her love of wine led her to the Society of Wine Educators where she recieved the Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW) in 2008, and to the Northwest Wine Academy (where she earned degrees in Wine Marketing & Sales and Wine Production from 2010-2012). This included a year as an intern in the wine production program under instructor Peter Bos (now retired) and at Robert Ramsay Cellars under winemaker Kristin Scheelar (now at Columbia Winery).
In 2014, she passed the Wine & Spirits Education Trust Level 3 exam with distinction and is currently working on the WSET Diploma.
Amber worked on Wikipedia under the username of Agne27 for several years where she created over 800 different wine articles (such as History of French wine and Yeast in Winemaking) and substantially rewrote several others like Malolactic Fermentation and Barolo.
Her personal blog would become a crowning glory, with all the opinions presented being solely her own.
You can also find out more about Amber on social media:
Facebook: @spitbucketblog

Twitter: @SpitbucketBlog
Instagram: spitbucketblog

Or through her site: [email protected]

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June 21, 2022
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