Ep. 562 Mike Provance | Wine Business Talk With Colangelo & Partners



Italian Wine Podcast Episode 562 | Mike Provance of 3X3 | Reaching consumers (new and existing)

Juliana Colangelo of Colangelo & Partners sits down in conversation with Mike Provance CEO of 3X3

Welcome to this brand-new limited series “Wine Business Talk with Colangelo & Partners” hosted by Juliana Colangelo. This series deals with the wine business and the evolution of technologies in the wine industry; how it’s helping consumers and how wineries can effectively use these technologies. Each guest gives listeners valuable guidance on how consumers choose wine, purchase and drink wine.

Mike Provance, PhD is a serial entrepreneur, author, and speaker on technology business model innovation and new venture management. As CEO, Mike leads 3×3, a marketing technology company focused on modernizing the ways brands and liquor retailers engage and sell uniquely to the independent channel consumer. A digital and technology strategy expert, Mike has built groundbreaking technology businesses and launched award-winning digital properties over 30 years in financial services, information services, manufacturing and healthcare industries, and with the science and technology offices of the U.S. Navy and U.S. Special Operations Command. Prior to that, he ran early-stage investments in computing and medical technology for the Ben Franklin Partnership. Mike holds a Ph.D. from George Washington University, an M.B.A. from Penn State, and a B.S. in Management Science from M.I.T.

About 3×3:

3×3 is a growth marketing company for beer, wine, and spirits brands. The company focuses on democratizing data to help alcohol brands grow according to their goals. How? 3×3 uses proprietary sales data to find ideal local shoppers for brands, then delivers alcohol advertising to them across digital channels. Alcohol brands count on 3×3 to identify, activate, and retain valuable customers who shop through the independent retail channel.

You can find out more about Mike Provance of 3X3 by visiting:
Website: https://info.3x3insights.com/brands

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