Ep 565 Carlo Cignozzi | Monty Waldin


Episode 565 Monty Waldin interviews Carlo Cignozzi of Il Paradiso di Frassina

Cignozzi created the Paradiso di Frassina, in the heart of the Brunello wine area in Montalcino, and wanted to experiment (for the first time in the world) using the beneficial effects of music on vines.

“Honestly, I would say that success was not lacking and a committee of the United Nations considered this research as one of the most sustainable projects in the world, calling it “phono organic” and including it in the “Bright Green Book” presented in Rio de Janeiro in June 2011.”

He was a Lawyer for almost 40 years in Milan, in 2011, he wrote a book published by Rizzoli “The Vine Whisperer”- L’uomo che sussurra alle Vigne, where Cignozzi tells the story of how he began this magnificent vine music therapy project, imitating the research done centuries ago in the Far East.

You can find out more about this fantastic winery by visiting:

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