Ep. 570 Tommaso Bojola | Monty Waldin


Episode 570 Monty Waldin interviews Tommaso Bojola of La Castellina Winery.

About Tommaso:
Tenute Squarcialupi – La Castellina di Tommaso Bojola is a winery which extends for 140 hectars, with 40 hectars of vineyard producing mainly Chianti Classico, located in the South West side of the valley, bordering with the town centre of Castellina in Chianti. The historical centre of the winery is the ancient Palazzo Squarcialupi (XV sec.), where there is an ageing cellar, the direct sale, the farm restaurant Taverna Squarcialupi and the Hotel Palazzo Squarcialupi. The Tenute Squarcialupi – La Castellina Farm originates from the powerful Squarcialupi family, in the medieval period, while he started the management of the winery in 1989, together with his wife Monica and later on with his son Cosimo. From 2008 they produced organic grapes and from 2020 organic wines too, authentic wines representing their territory. Together with his son Cosimo just graduated in oenology; together they are introducing new winemaking techniques such as the drying of the Merlot grapes (Supertuscan Reale), the late harvest (Ch. Class. Tommaso Bojola), the spontaneous fermentation (Ch. Class. Squarcialupi Annata), the longtime maceration (Ch. Class. Squarcialupi Riserva e Gran Selezione), the amphora vinification (Ch. Classico Cosimo Bojola) and the vinification without the addition of sulphites (Rubisco 2020).

Find more about Tommaso and Cosimo by visiting:
Website: www.lacastellina.it
Facebook: facebook.com/fattorialacastellina
Instagram: instagram.com/fattorialacastellina

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June 21, 2022
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