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Episode 581 Rebecca Lawrence interviews Tsatsu Gbedemah of Wine + Peace!

About Tsatsu:
He is 25 years old, born in Ghana, he lived in Kenya from age 6-12 and eventually moved to Canada where he has lived since 2007. He is currently finishing a hospitality diploma with a concentration in the restaurant industry. Tstatsu is the Director of Customer Experience for Wine and Peace, a direct-to-consumer American wine marketplace.
About Wine+Peace:
Wine+Peace is run by Katy Decker, the company’s CEO and Sam Decker, Founder and a Sommelier. They believe that great wine is for everyone — and that it should reflect people’s values, not just their tastes. So they built a mission-driven marketplace (no markups, no middlemen) that lets people shop direct from the country’s best small producers while championing the values people care about most.

If you want to find out more about Tsatsu and Wine + Peace you can do so by visiting:
Website: www.wineandpeace.com
Facebook: Wine + Peace
Instagram: @drinkwineandpeace, @tsatsu

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