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Ep. 590 Monty Waldiin interviews Ondine de la Feld from
Tenuta di Tavignano

About Ondine de la Feld:
Since 2014 Ondine de la Feld has joined her uncle Stefano Aymerich in the management of the company, bringing a modern, dynamic and entrepreneurial style to the company, with the support of a young and motivated team, excited about facing the challenges of the future. A wave of new energy in the sign of continuity.

About the Estate:
The estate, Tenuta di Tavignano, was purchased in 1975 by Stefano Aymerich di Laconi, of Sardinian and Spanish heritage and his wife Beatrice Lucangeli, descendant of a family from the region of Le Marche, boasting an antique tradition in wine production.
Tavignano is an estate of 230 hectares in a single body which overlooks the countryside of Cingoli, always known as the Balcony of Le Marche.
The Tenuta has been restored through careful conservative restoration, in the respect of the authenticity of the place and, in the early years, it had focused its business activity primarily on the cultivation of cereals, vegetables and forage.
In the 1990s the decision was made to enhance the wine-making heritage and to become producers of autochthonous varieties, in sharp contrast with the fashion of the time that privileged international varieties, certain of the great potential of the grape variety that is the prince of these lands: the Verdicchio.
Under the guidance of professionals in the sector such as Giancarlo Soverchia, to whom is owed the decision of uprooting the existing vineyards and the vision of adopting the spurred cordon with Verdicchio to aim for the highest expression of the grape variety, the choices perfectly suited the personality of the owners, focused on enhancing both quality and territoriality.
In 2004 they took the very satisfying decision of making use of the consulting of the winemaker Pierluigi Lorenzetti and already in 2006 they obtained the first important recognition: the Tre Bicchieri (three glasses) of Gambero Rosso for Misco Reserva. Since then, the awards have consistently followed one after the other. In 2017 Gambero Rosso awarded the Misco 2015 vintage the prize “Bianco dell’Anno” which in fact named it as the year’s best Italian white wine.

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