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Ep. 611 Rebecca Lawrence interviews Jirka Jireh in this episode of Voices

More about Jirka:
Jirka Jireh has blended her passion for wine and activism with groundbreaking programming in the natural wine space. She is the co-Founder of Industry Sessions which offers wine and education through a virtual platform for BIPOC wine industry professionals in more than thirteen cities in the U.S. and Canada. Industry Sessions works with wine educators and producers to provide attendees with tasting samples and in-depth learning on a breadth of topics, often challenging the traditional lens through which we see beverage history. Friends and colleagues through the natural wine world now come together to offer wine and education with the long-term goal to decolonize wine. Behind the scenes, Jirka uses her network as a tool to advocate for BIPOC in the winemaking sphere and connects like-minded professionals with business opportunities in an effort to push the culture. She has been called a master facilitator and the hearth of the movement for marginalized people in natural wine spaces.

The majority of Jirka Jireh’s 15 years in hospitality were fine-tuned in New York City’s bustling fine-dining world. Inspired to pursue winemaking, her most recent years have been spent in Oakland, California where she currently is part of the team at Ordinaire and Viticole Wine Club who both focus on natural wine and operate with an ‘Earth First’ mentality.

Visit Jirka on her Instagram : @yirkita

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