Ep. 622 Roberto Anesi | Vinitaly International Academy Masterclass Speaker


Ep. 622 Joy Livingston interviews Roberto Anesi Post Vinitaly International Academy Masterclass!

More about Roberto:
He’s from Canazei and he’s the first sommelier of Trentino to be awarded “Best Italian Sommelier of 2017” by the Associazione Italiana Sommelier

“It’s a huge goal for me, as I’m also the first sommelier of Trentino to receive the prestigious prize” commented Roberto Anesi after the award ceremony. “I feel the responsibility of being the Italian ambassador of wine, and I will give my best to face all challenges and events that the future holds for me”. Roberto and wife also own and operate a restaurant in his hometown named El Paèl. He also speaks at seminars such as the one that took place in June 2021; Vinitaly Internation Academy Masterclass in Verona, he also holds tastings and writes about his passion: wine.

Find out more about El Pael and Roberto!

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