Ep. 245 Shigeru Hayashi (Solo Italia) on the Japanese market for Italian wine


In this interview, Monty Waldin talks to Shigeru Hayashi, CEO of Solo Italia, a Japanese wine import company based in Tokyo. Shigeru, who has lived and worked in Italy for 14 years, is an importer, wine educator, and wine writer who authored several publications on Italian wine and food. With Monty he talks about the Japanese market for Italian wine, and what strategies and approaches may work best to penetrate it. He also talks about Japanese wine consumers, his latest book on the basics of Italian wines and Italian restaurant in Japan! Tune in to this useful podcast about the Japanese wine market! — This episode is part of the Native Grape Odyssey sponsored series. This podcast series is brought to you by Native Grape Odyssey. Native Grape Odyssey is an educational project financed by the European Union and managed by Unione Italiana Vini and Interprofesional del Vino de España (OIVE) for the promotion of PDO and PGI European wines in Japan, Canada, and Russia. Learn more about “Europe. Quality. Wine.” at nativegrapeodyssey.com/. Enjoy it’s from Europe!

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June 23, 2022
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Ep. 198 Daniele Cernilli (Doctor Wine)on a wine tour of Italy

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