Ep. 151 Monty Waldin interviews Lisa and Luca Tommasini (San Gervasio Winery)


In this episode Monty Waldin interviews Luca and Lisa Tommasini (father and daughter) who own the San Gervasio Winery between Pisa and Florence in Tuscany. The winery is certified organic and focuses on the Sangiovese grape variety. Lisa and Luca talk about viticulture, the vineyards soils, their production of Chianti DOCG and Chianti Riserva, and their signature wine A Sirio (100% Sangiovese).

Source by Italian Wine Podcast

Ep. 293 Gianlorenzo Neri (Casanova di Neri)

Ep. 293 Gianlorenzo Neri (Casanova di Neri)

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