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Welcome to Episode 961 Steve Raye interviews Riccardo Ricci Curbastro in this installment of Get US Market Ready With Italian Wine People on the Italian Wine Podcast.

About today’s guest:
Eighteen generations of Ricci Curbastro have led, starting with Pietro, born in 1380, farms in Romagna and Lombardy. These centuries-old traditions are now represented by the Rontana estate in Brisighella (RA) and the Ricci Curbastro estate in Franciacorta. The latter produced bottled wines as early as the 1800s, as evidenced by labels from 1885 still preserved today. It was transformed by Gualberto Ricci Curbastro into a modern wine company since 1967, when the D.O.C. Franciacorta, of which he was one of the eleven founders, was created. Of the 32 hectares of company surface, 28 are invested in vineyards and another 1,2 hectares are planned for 2021.
The company practices organic farming as a natural continuation of the various environmental impact reduction practices that began in 1980, forty years ago. Since 2017 it has been among the first nine companies in Italy, first in Lombardy, certified as a “Sustainable Company” according to the Equalitas standard for its commitment in environmental, economic and social terms. The cellar where the fermentations and slow maturation of the Franciacorta DOCG are carried out is built underground in a vast secular park. The vinification is followed by the oenologists Andrea Rudelli, Annalisa Massetti and Riccardo Ricci Curbastro, a mix of experiences for wines intended for the increasingly demanding palates of consumers all over the world. The company’s production is well represented not only by the Franciacorta DOCG but also by the Curtefranca DOC and Sebino IGT wines. The Agricultural and Wine Museum is located inside the farmhouses of the Ricci Curbastro estate, a unique reality in Franciacorta that preserves thousands of objects that talk about the agricultural
work of the past. Inaugurated in 1986, it is the result of meticulous research that began more than thirty years earlier by Gualberto Ricci Curbastro. Four rooms, divided into themes that can be visited upon reservation in order to be able to accompany you and tell you about our past and today work.

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More about the host Steve Raye:
Steve Raye of Bevology Inc originally joined our weekly lineup with narrations from his book “How to get US Market Ready” – but everyone just loved him so much, we brought him back with this series of interviews that informs and inspires! Each week he speaks to industry professionals; guests who have gained valuable experience in the Italian wine sector and have insightful tips and stories that can help anyone who wants to learn about getting US Market Ready!

For more information on the host Steve Raye you can check out his website, Bevology Inc. here: www.bevologyinc.com/

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June 24, 2022
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