Ep. 1020 Map 25 Austria | Jumbo Shrimp Maps

Welcome to Episode 1020 The Jumbo Shrimp Maps Series. Today we are going to talk about Map 25, talking about Austria

About the Series:
We have specially created this free content for all our listeners who are studying for wine exams. Since Stevie Kim discovered Rosie Baker’s hand drawn maps on Instagram, our in house editorial and graphics team has been working on this project, and now the maps are available to purchase in Beta form, while they undergo the final proofing and editing by our Expert Advisory Board. It’s a 3 layered project, because we know everyone learns differently. We now offer the complete box set of 39 maps, this series of podcasts with the maps narrated by our crack team of wine educators, and finally the Study Guide Book which will be publish later this year. Our map project is in no way a substitute for the material set out by other educational organisations, but we hope all the Wine Students out there will find our map project a new, exciting and useful tool for learning.

To purchase the Beta version box set of maps, please visit mammajumboshrimp.com

To find out more about Mamma Jumbo Shrimp and how to buy the Maps visit:

More about today’s narrator:
“I am relatively new to wine, having stumbled into it by default. I recently returned to bartending after a stretch of years teaching then followed by having two children. Bartending in the food/wine industry offered the chance to re-enter the work world in the evenings while allowing time to be with children in the day. The opportunity to work with wine again sparked a curiosity and an itch to learn more and more about it. Although I intended bartending to be a stop-gap measure of a job until I could return to full-time classroom teaching, the realization occurred that the food and wine industry is a pursuit where complete satisfaction could be gained by pouring wine and making people incredibly happy. Thoughts of starting to build a new career in wine began to percolate.
When people look back on their lives, one common regret is not having done the things we wish we had. And with a window of a handful of years until I had planned to return to the teaching profession, the decision to change course and take a leap into the wine world was joyfully made.” (Peggy Baudon)

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Until next time, Cin Cin!

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