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Welcome to Episode 1028; Action not perfection the business sense of internalizing Climate Change

Welcome to Wine2Wine Business Forum 2021 Series.

More about today’s speaker:
Riccardo Pasqua, 43, took over the role of CEO at the end of 2015. Riccardo began his career with Pasqua in2007 and in 2014 was appointed Sales Director, a role that he is still involved with today. He was head of business in the United States before being nominated to lead the company.
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More about today’s Speaker:
Marta Mendonca has built most of her career in Marketing & Sales, having worked with various brands, countries, industries and companies. In the years prior to joining Porto Protocol, Marta built her own brand and consultancy project, through which she took sustainability and climate advocacy to schools, events and companies, promoting awareness and encouraging change. Since 2019 Marta has been managing The Porto Protocol Foundation, building a collaborative network of change makers and an open platform of climate solutions, with the purpose of accelerating the response of the wine industry to the climate emergency.
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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/martamendonca/

To find out more about today’s Speaker:
Michele Manelli was born in Sassuolo (northern Italy, close to Modena), raised in Paris and is living in Tuscany since more than twenty years. As a vintner in Montepulciano, he founded and developed Salcheto, a wine producing operation, as a model of sustainable efficiency, firmly convinced that businesses in general are the key actors for a new social progress. Over the last decade he has been directly engaged in promoting projects of research, development and wine value-chain lobbying oriented to sustainability, such as the “Charter of Montepulciano for the Wine Carbon Footprint (2010) or the “Forum for Wine Sustainabilty (2013-2015), for which he acted as co-founder and author of the “2014 Report on Sustainability.

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Twitter: @salchetowinery

More about today’s Speaker:
Nick Breeze is a British journalist currently based in Italy reporting on wine and climate change. He writes for his own wine blog, Secret Sommelier, as well The Ecologist and, more recently, GENN.cc. In 2011 he began a filmed series of interviews with internationally renowned scientists and climate experts. In 2017 he cofounded the Cambridge Climate Lecture Series inviting leading experts to give lectures at the University of Cambridge. Over the last decade Nick has interviewed hundreds of climate experts and winemakers and documented the convergence of the two subjects as they entered mainstream discourse.

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