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Welcome to Episode 1048; Can working in the wine business really be GOOD for you?

Welcome to Wine2Wine Business Forum 2021 Series. The sessions are recorded and uploaded on Italian Wine Podcast. wine2wine is an international wine business forum, held annually in Verona Italy since 2014. The event is a key reference point for wine producers and a diverse variety of wine professionals eager to develop and grow their wine business worldwide.

About today’s session:
During COVID wine was over-used, sometimes vilified, and other times used as a crutch. So as we head through a time of transition, how can wine professionals hone their own skills to manage their health through mindfulness, moderation and awareness? Join Rebecca Hopkins and Cathy Huyghe of A Balanced Glass to discover ways to make the re-entry back to business a little easier with practical tools to help manage health and wellbeing.

About the Speaker Rebecca Hopkins:
Raised in the premium wine region of McLaren Vale, South Australia, Rebecca Hopkins took her first role in the wine business with Wirra Wirra vineyards in McLaren Vale in 1992 while completing her Bachelor of Wine Marketing at Adelaide University. Upon graduation Rebecca joined national importer Negociants Australia as Marketing Assistant, and in 1996 was the inaugural Student Winner of the “Vin de Champagne Award” – given by the Champagne region’s governing body.
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Instagram: @beckhopkinswine
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About speaker Cathy Huyghe:
Cathy Huyghe is an award-winning journalist and entrepreneur, and an engaging public speaker. She is the co-founder and CEO of Enolytics, a data-driven business intelligence provider to beverage alcohol companies around the world. She is a columnist for Forbes about the business and politics of the wine industry, and she writes for Inc about mindfulness practices for entrepreneurs particularly in the hospitality industry. She is a featured commentator for the “Reign of Terroir” episode in the Netflix series Rotten, which has been nominated for an Emmy award. Enolytics is a featured protagonist in a Harvard Business School case study in business analytics.

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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cathy-huyghe-332307/

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Until next time, cin cin!

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