Forecasting the Future at Vinitaly 2023: Italian Wine Podcast Next Generation series gives a playful glimpse into Italian Wine’s future


Vinitaly’s 55th edition was full of many exhilarating things – one particularly being Italian wine’s next generation of producers and marketers. The Italian Wine Podcast captured their voices with interviews in the midst of all the event’s excitement, sharing the thoughts of those defining Italian wine’s future. 

IWP host Victoria Cece interviewing one of the producers exhibiting at Vinitaly 2023 for the “Next Generation” series

If one thing is for sure, the adrenaline of the next generation to define the Italian wine industry was felt in every pavilion of Vinitaly’s 55th edition. The Italian Wine Podcast team channeled this energy by jumpstarting on-the-spot interviews for the Next Generation segment – airing every Sunday – with host Victoria Cece.

One would think – where does one start in all the Vinitaly madness? The IWP Next Generation team knew precisely where – with small producers and under-the-radar wine regions with powerful potential. A trip to the organic wine pavilion was just the place to spur interviews with young producers and marketers from fascinating regions such as Basilicata, Lazio, and Abruzzo.

Even in more well-established regions like Lombardy, small youthful producers stood out bright. Barbacan – a Valtellina-based winery – was no better example. Dancing their way on Tiktok and Instagram to thousands of followers (and counting,) the winery team are original vine stars of their own, and an interview with young winemaker Luca shed light on just how their perspective. This trend continued over in the Piedmont pavilion, chatting with 22-year-old Lorenzo Lupia, the newest generation of Filippo Gallino, a family-run winery in the Roero. Discussing orange wine, sustainable viticulture, and his own wine label (fit with a pirate flag,) the team got a glimpse of the other, younger side of Piemontese winemaking.

The IWP Next Generation team even stepped out of the wine box slightly, to discuss vermouth. This brought them back to their Verona HQ, interviewing Raffaelle Bellomi, co-owner of Verona’s very own Archivio cocktail bar and Amaro bar. Closing the circle of the wine’s discussion, Bellomi opened up a conversation on what people are drinking these days, and why we can’t forget that vermouth is technically part of the wine family.

There are more interviews where these came from, as the IWP Next Gen gathered interviews each day of Vinitaly, chatting about all things ahead in the future, even blockchain technology! Keep an eye out every Sunday as these interviews air, giving you a dose of what’s on the horizon for Italian wine anywhere you can get your pods.

Upcoming The Next Generation Episodes:

  • May 14th: Mckenna Cassidy
  • May 21st: Isabella Carpineti
  • May 28th: V alentin Bufolin
  • June 4th: Barbara Fitzgerald
  • June 11th: James Marshall Lockyer
  • June 18th: Jemma Styer
June 14, 2023
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