The Voci of Vinitaly The Italian Wine Podcast brings the energy and excitement of Vinitaly 2023 to listeners worldwide


The Vinitaly marathon was filled with a tremendous variety of events, exhibitors, and excitement. The Italian Wine Podcast covered it all, with diversified, exciting episodes capturing the live action of Vinitaly’s 55th edition.

The arrival of the Vinitaly marathon and the 55th edition of the world’s largest wine exhibition means serious business. Producers and visitors came from all parts of the globe to partake in the wine madness. A month may have past, yet the Italian Wine Podcast left us with a real treat – the special interviews documenting all the events, giving wine lovers worldwide access to Italian wine’s big moment in 2023.

Now, these interviews began before Vinitaly opened its pavilions. The marathon kicked off March 27th with 64 students from all over the world arriving in Verona for VIA (the Vinitaly International Academy.) The goal – to become the next Italian Wine Ambassador. They brought their stories and personalities, sharing all the details on the podcast wine lovers didn’t know they needed, from pairing Taiwanese food with Italian wines to how to visit Venice like a wine loving local.

Just after the VIA students and Italian Wine Ambassadors (old and new) celebrated an intense week with copious amounts of bubbles at the VIA pinning ceremony, 5StarWines judges arrived with their expertise and impressive wine tasting endurance to Verona. And, by endurance, we mean almost 1200 wines tasted each day. They generously gave the IWP team a dose of their skills, diving into their unique stories and insights on the wine world. And, these aren’t conversations happening everyday. Some traveled over 20 hours from places like Australia to judge and share this experience in the podcast booth.

When April 2nd rolled around, the Italian Wine Podcast team was geared already with excitement, ready to scale the Vinitaly pavilions and discuss the future of Italian wine. Many young wine producers were beyond excited to chat, sitting down with the IWP in the middle of the madness to share their stories and perspectives on what’s to come. Not a single dull conversation was had! Topics spanned from tear-jerking legacies to funky sustainability initiatives to even blockchain technology plans.

Episodes from the Vinitaly marathon are now airing weekly on the Italian Wine Podcast. To explore episodes highlighting VIA candidates, tune into Voices – airing every Wednesday – and the Next Generation – airing every Sunday. For 5StarWines Judges, don’t miss Wine, Food, and Travel – airing Tuesday – and Voices. Finally, for the future-forward Vinitaly interviews, the Next Generation has it all.

And, remember, episodes are available anywhere you can get your pods!

June 14, 2023