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Welcome to episode 1108, in which host Polly Hammond interviews Mayacamas Olds, this week on Uncorked.

This week, we welcome Mayacamas Olds. Born and raised amidst the vines, Mayacamas has spent her entire life in the wine world. Over 10 years ago, before sustainability was an everyday buzzword, Mayacamas earned her Masters in Corporate Sustainability, and has made it her mission to build regenerative models across all facets of wine, not just in the vineyards. In this no-holds-barred interview we discuss everything from the need to vote and prioritizing mental health, to the great resignation to caring for our ag workers. Let’s get into it.

More about today’s guest:
Mayacamas Olds was born and raised on Mt. Veeder in Napa Valley. Growing up on her family’s small estate winery and vineyard operation, her love of the wine industry and sustainability was engrained from a young age. In 2000, she embarked on a lifelong career in the wine industry – first at Penfolds in South Australia as a Winemaking Liason for three years. Mayacamas then of Sky Vineyards, her family’s winery, for nine years, where she touched on every part of operations, from sales to marketing to the vineyards.

Seeking a new challenge she became General Manager of Sonoma Community Gardens in 2003, developing their educational programs to promote organic and sustainable ethnobotany. Since then, she has gone on to oversee 700 acres of certified organic and biodynamic vineyards at Enterprise Vineyards; oversee independent farmers and promote fiscal sustainability at Sunshine Organic Consulting; and manage sustainability, technical, and fiscal farming for 5,200 acres of California vineyards as the Director of Vineyard Operations & Grower Relations at Diageo Chateau & Estates. In 2020, Mayacamas was appointed General Manager of Gloria Ferrer, where she built successful innovative top-line strategy across operations, hospitality, DTC, marketing, winemaking, viticulture, and sustainability. Nowadays, as COO of Enterprise Vineyards and Winery Sixteen 600, she’s ensuring that philosophy and sustainability goals are achieved for operations, marketing, PR, HR, and IT.

To learn more visit:
Twitter: twitter.com/Mayacamas
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/mayacamasolds/

More about the host:
Polly is Founder and CEO of 5forests. She splits her time between Barcelona, Auckland, and Napa, consulting, writing, and speaking about the trends that impact today’s wine businesses. She’s an advisor to New Zealand Trade & Enterprise, host of Uncorked with the Italian Wine Podcast, cohost of the Real Business of Wine with Robert Joseph, and, occasionally, a knitter.
Polly is a graduate of the University of Southern California, where she earned degrees in International Relations and French. Those studies led to a deep and abiding love affair with behavioral Economics, and her wine work is based on insights into all the crazy and irrational reasons consumers engage with brands. With over 20 years’ experience in growing successful companies, Polly knows first-hand the challenges faced by independent businesses. She approaches each client experience with empathy and understanding for what it takes to adapt and thrive in the real world.

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website: 5forests.com/

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