Ep. 1243 Howard Bernstein | Get US Market Ready With Italian Wine People

Welcome to Episode 1243 in which Steve Raye interviews Howard Bernstein of the Hill City Imports, in this installment of Get US Market Ready With Italian Wine People, on the Italian Wine Podcast.

About today’s guest:
Howard Bernstein has over 35 years in the Italian wine business having worked on the supplier side (Diageo), Distributor (Southern), Retail, and as owner of two import companies in his career. He’s Managing partner president of Hill City Imports, based in NJ and specialize in Italian Wine. They operate in NY, NJ, CT and PA. Hill City’s focus is on family-owned wineries with a story to tell that goes beyond a quality statement. Things that resonate with Howard and his team are the same things that resonate with consumers: Sustainably produced, authenticity, legacy, respect and recognition of their role in improving the winery operation for following operations.

One tool we talk about is Howard’s checklist of 10 questions he asks every prospective brand. So the smart money is following his lead and for wineries to be prepared to pre-empt the questions before they’re even asked. If that’s not clear, listen in and you’ll understand.

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More about the host Steve Raye:
Steve Raye of Bevology Inc originally joined our weekly lineup with narrations from his book “How to get US Market Ready – but everyone just loved him so much, we brought him back with this series of interviews that informs and inspires! Each week he speaks to industry professionals; guests who have gained valuable experience in the Italian wine sector and have insightful tips and stories that can help anyone who wants to learn about getting US Market Ready!

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January 23, 2023
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