Ep. 1467 Henry-David Pollacco | Slow Wine 2023

Welcome to Episode 1467; part of our Italian wine interview series set in Bologna! Today’s interview is between Cynthia Chaplin and Henry David Polacco the director of Fattoria Zerbina.

Stevie Kim and her team travelled to the Bologna Slow Wine Fair in March 2023. There they conducted dozens of interviews with some of Italy’s most inspiring producers. Join the fun every Thursday afternoon!
Tune-in each Thursday as we bring you the great interviews that unfolded over the course of 3 days.

About today’s guest:
Fattoria Zerbina is a family winery that decided 30 years ago to put a focus on high quality wines. Working mainly with autocthonous varieties such as Albana and Sangiovese, he has developed a line of products with strong territorial characteristics with a look at a French concept. For this reason, the wines are deep and concentrated, while at the same time maintaining excellent freshness and drinkability

More about Fattoria Zerbina:

More about the interviewer:
Joy Livingston is the Producer of Italian Wine Podcast. Narrator extraordinaire and Scienza whisperer Joy Livingston has been known to edit the occasional book from time to time. When Joy is not busy Producing the podcast she is also working hard on the Mamma Jumbo Shrimp YouTube channel where many of the interviews stream on video!

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