Ep. 1587 Giulia Stocchetti Interviews Francesco Rizzo | Clubhouse Ambassadors’ Corner

Clubhouse’s Ambassadors Corner

Welcome to Episode 1587 Stevie Kim moderates Clubhouse’s Ambassadors’ Corner – In this episode, Giulia Stocchetti interviews Francesco Rizzo. These sessions are recorded from Clubhouse and replayed here on the Italian Wine Podcast!

Listen in on this series as Italian Wine Ambassadors all over the world chat with Stevie and their chosen wine producer. Which producer would you interview if you had your pick?

Giulia is an AIS Sommelier and holds the WSET Diploma. She has 360° experience in the cellar, harvesting, tasting and teaching. Enthusiastic communicator of wine, she believes every bottle is a small universe to discover and her slogan is “sharing wine means love.”
She’s passionate about terroir wines made with autochthonous grape varieties and constantly looking for them and their small producers.

Facebook: Giulia Stocchetti Caravaggi
Instagram: theWineSoulGirl
LinkedIn: Giulia Stocchetti Caravaggi

Guest Producer
Francesco Rizzo, after years spent dealing with finance for an international company, decided to return to the windy island where his family used to live. His family owns a small vineyard in the countryside of Campobello (north-east of the island), a vineyard with outcropping volcanic rocks, capers and Zibibbo vines, 30 meters above the sea level and at around 300 meters from seaside. With the help of the oenologist Antonio D’Aietti – expert on the Pantelleria winemaking tradition who took care of more than forty harvests on the island – and with four other friends, he founded the Vinisola company in 2010. Through the production on site and the distribution of products made of Zibibbo grapes, the company contributes to the enhancement of the fruits of the island as well as of the tradition in the oenological field.

Facebook: Francesco Rizzo
Instagram: rizzo0203
Website: www.vinisola.it

More about the moderator Stevie Kim:
Stevie hosts Clubhouse sessions each week (visit Italian Wine Club & Wine Business on Clubhouse), these recorded sessions are then released on the podcast to immortalize them! She often also joins Professor Scienza in his shows to lend a hand keeping our Professor in check! You can also find her taking a hit for the team when she goes “On the Road”, all over the Italian countryside, visiting wineries and interviewing producers, enjoying their best food and wine – all in the name of bringing us great Pods!

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