Ep. 1636 Federica Schir | Voices With Cynthia Chaplin

Welcome to Episode 1636, in which Cynthia Chaplin interviews Federica Schir in this installment of Voices, on the Italian Wine Podcast.

More about today’s guest
Federica Schir PR was founded in 2007 in Verona by the owner Federica Schir who, driven by passion and on the strength of important experience acquired in the specific sector, was able to create an agency capable of providing adequate professional support to companies and institutions in the field of public relations, communications and as a press office.
Federica Schir is specialised, above all, in managing relations with the press, in public relations – both nationally and internationally – through widespread networks of relations and entrances with the major press organs, from the printed press to internet channels and television.
Events and communication: Federica Schir offers promotion, institutional press office, marketing and public relations services tailored to the specific needs of each company. She organises events dedicated to taste and specific tourist tours. Great wines, haute cuisine, fine and sought-after products, even outside the world of wine, are proposed during tours or visits to locations that are always exclusive and unique. Our activity is aimed at companies wishing to organise business meetings, product presentations and congresses, and the promotion of special locations such as restaurants, hotels and tourist facilities throughout the country.

Instagram: federicaschir
LinkedIn: Federica Schir
Facebook: Federica Schir
Twitter: @FedericaSchir

About today’s Host:
Cynthia Chaplin is a VIA certified Italian Wine Ambassador, a professional sommelier with FIS and the WSA, a member of Le Donne del Vino, and a Professor of Italian wine and culture. Born in the USA, she’s lived in Europe since 1990. Italian wine, in particular rosé, is her passion. She works with embassies, corporations and private clients, creating and presenting tastings, events, seminars and in-depth courses. Cynthia is a wine writer, a judge at international wine and sake competitions, she consults with restaurants and enotecas developing comprehensive wine lists and food pairings, and she advises clients who want to curate an Italian wine collection. She currently works for Vinitaly International in Verona as a Project Manager, Educator, and the host of VOICES Series on The Italian Wine Podcast, focusing on diversity and inclusion in the global wine industry.

Facebook: Italian Wines in English
Instagram: kiss_my_glassx
Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/cynthia-chaplin-190647179/

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Until next time, Cin Cin!

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