Join us for a Cin Cin with Italian Wine People

Italian Wine Podcast is a new podcast project dedicated to the Italian wine world. Wine writer Monty Waldin uncovers the unique Italian wine-making tradition in conversation with some of its key protagonists. With the largest number of native grape varieties in the world concentrated on its national territory, the Italian wine biodiversity is a story worth telling. So is the growing popularity on an international scale of Italian wine. This increasing appreciation is undoubtedly linked to the fact that wine in Italy is inextricably connected with Italian culture, from its centrality in Italian cuisine and lifestyle, to its prominence in Italian agriculture and in shaping distinctive Italian landscapes. Italian Wine Podcast aims to inform, educate, and entertain listeners about Italian wine through engaging conversations with producers, experts, and personalities of the Italian wine scene.

The Italian Wine Podcast Host: Monty Waldin

Monty Waldin got into wine as a teenager having worked on several Bordeaux vineyards to improve his French in the mid-1980s. As his family always grew their own organic vegetables, he was surprised to find the wine industry had few organic wines at this time. He started travelling around the world to work in organic and then biodynamic estates (France, Germany, California, Italy), and wrote the first books on both organic and biodynamic wines and wine-making. Although he had his own TV series–an observational documentary called Château Monty about how he converted a vineyard in Roussillon to biodynamics–Monty prefers radio, or its modern-day reincarnation, the podcast. Further information on his publications are available here
Center of attention: Monty Waldin (center)
Producer & bodyguard : Giulia Bruna (right)