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We also have a new feature for those who want to support the Italian Wine Podcast! This is called our “Love Package” from us to you. Our new sponsor Ferrowine has generously supplied us with our brand spanking new Italian Wine Podcast Tees (as seen to your right). We are so excited about the new Tees…would you like one as well? If you donate 50Euros we will send you a T-shirt, PLUS, we’ll throw in our new book Jumbo Shrimp Guide to International Grape Varieties in Italy! as well as some fun merch like an Italian Wine Podcast Sticker and a personalized thank you note.

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Making a monetary contribution to our podcast is very much appreciated since even a small amount helps offset equipment and production costs such as microphones, cables, web hosting, travel, audio editing/post production, and Producer J’s merende. Did you know that it takes at least one brioche all’albicocca to edit each episode of the Italian Wine Podcast?

We’ll update this page along with our social media accounts when copies of the new book or Tee sizes run out.

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FerroWine is the largest wine shop in Italy and they have been dedicated to wine, beer, spirits and food since 1920. Back in the day, they went from a small tavern, to creating their first cellar, making wine from the grapes of local vineyards, then they would distribute using a horse and cart! Thus, so began the story of the Ferro family, today they distribute the best selections, from the regions of Veneto to Lazio and Lombardy.

‘Ferro Distribuzione’ operates by providing alcoholic beverages for the HO.RE.CA. (hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, wine bars, pizzerias); their store in Castelfranco Veneto opened in 2014 and their Jesolo location opened in 2019.

In addition to serving some prestigious venues within Italy with their selections they also offer fine foods, wine pairings and tastings; they genuinely pride themselves on guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

It is no wonder the team here at the Italian Wine Podcast is so excited to have them as a sponsor…

The Italian Wine Podcast salutes you Ferrowine!

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