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11 Giugno, 2019

Ep. 208 –ENGLISH– Attilio Scienza (Vinitaly International Academy Chief Scientist) on 4 Sicilian wines

[This is the English-language translation and dubbed version of episode 208, which has originally been recorded in Italian.] In this educational podcast, Monty Waldin hosts Prof. Attilio Scienza again to talk about 4 grape varieties and related wines from Sicily. In the first part, Scienza discusses Nerello Mascalese (the variety which yields the famous Etna Rosso wines) and Frappato (grown in the areas of Noto and Vittoria)—both also part of the progeny of Sangiovese as discussed in episode 196). In the second part Scienza presents two ancient grape varieties cultivated on the islands around mainland Sicily: Zibibbo or Moscato d’Alessandria from Pantelleria, the iconic grape used to make Passito di Pantelleria and grown with the alberello training system; Malvasia di Lipari from the island of Lipari in the Eolian islands. Tune in also for a dive into the history of ancient Mediterranean viticulture and wine trade throughout the centuries in which Sicily played a huge part! [A transcript of this interview in English is available on].
5 Giugno, 2019

Ep. 207 Monty Waldin interviews Bernardino Sani (Argiano)

In this episode Monty Waldin interviews Bernardino Sani, owner of the Argiano winery in Montalcino near Siena and renowned Brunello producer. Bernardino talks about Argiano’s new cellar and their investment in biodynamic and organic viticulture which brought new biodiversity in their vineyards, including beehives! Bernardino and Monty discuss the importance of the Italian market for Argiano and their international markets. Tune in to also learn more about delicious Tuscan food pairings with their Brunello! --- This episode has been brought to you by Lux Wines, Importer of fine wines from Italy (
4 Giugno, 2019

Ep. 206 Monty Waldin interviews Maurizio Zanella (Ca’ del Bosco)

In this episode Monty Waldin interviews Maurizio Zanella, owner of Ca’ del Bosco and famous producer of Franciacorta wines. Ca’ del Bosco was born in 1968 and is located between Lake Como and Lake Garda near Lake Iseo. Maurizio talks about how his adventure begin from a little “House in the Woods” (literally the meaning of Ca’ del Bosco) and the way he developed it to become a world-famous brand in the wine industry. Maurizio discusses the influence and mentorship of Veronelli in helping him achieve his vision. Monty and Maurizio also talk about Ca’ del Bosco’s distinctive vinification process which involves washing the grapes with water before drying them and vinifying them. Tune in to learn more about an iconic Italian wine denomination and one of Italy’s most famous bubbly wines!
29 Maggio, 2019

Ep. 205 Monty Waldin interviews Pietro Ratti (Renato Ratti)

In this episode, Monty Waldin interviews Pietro Ratti owner of the Renato Ratti winery in La Morra, in the heart of the Barolo region. Monty and Pietro talk about the innovation in wine making and viticulture brought about by Pietro’s father Renato, who “introduced the concept of single vineyard.” Pietro also comments on the 50 year anniversary of their signature Barolo Marcenasco and illustrates the characteristics of two of the winery’s single vineyards: Conca and Rocche dell’Annunziata. Pietro also presents Renato Ratti’s Dolcetto and Barbera and discusses some traditional methods of viticulture in the Langhe hills. In this podcast you will also learn more about some of the effects of climate change on the area and recent market trends for Ratti’s wines. --- This episode has been brought to you by Lux Wines, Importer of fine wines from Italy (
28 Maggio, 2019

Ep. 204 –ENGLISH– Monty Waldin interviews Attilio Scienza (VIA Chief Scientist) on Aglianico

[This is the English-language translation of episode 204, which has originally been recorded in Italian.] In this educational podcast, Prof. Attilio Scienza is back on the […]
28 Maggio, 2019

Ep. 204 –ITALIAN– Monty Waldin intervista Attilio Scienza (VIA Chief Scientist) sull’Aglianico

In this educational podcast recorded in Italian, Prof. Attilio Scienza is back on the show with Monty Waldin to talk about Aglianico. Prof. Scienza is a […]

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