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16 Gennaio, 2019

Ep. 167 Monty Waldin interviews Shenghan Wang (Lady Penguin)

In this episode Monty Waldin meets Shenghan Karla Wang, Chinese wine influencer originally from Chengdu in the Sichuan province. Shenghan is the founder of the Lady […]
15 Gennaio, 2019

Ep. 166 Monty Waldin interviews Angela Maculan (Maculan Winery)

In this episode, Monty Waldin meets Angela Maculan, whose family owns the Maculan Winery in Breganze, near Vicenza. Angela tells Monty about their famous Torcolato and […]
9 Gennaio, 2019

Ep. 165 Monty Waldin interviews Georgia Panagopoulou (Wine Gini)

In this episode Monty Waldin meets Georgia Panagopoulou a.k.a. Wine Gini, wine influencer and communicator based in Greece whose Instagram profile @wine.gini counts over 85,5 k […]
8 Gennaio, 2019

Ep. 164 Monty Waldin interviews Bianca Ferrini (Podere Giodo)

In this episode Monty Waldin meets Bianca Ferrini, whose family owns Podere Giodo in the Montalcino area of Tuscany. Bianca tells Monty about the winery’s production […]
19 Dicembre, 2018

Ep. 163 Monty Waldin interviews Will Predhomme (Sommelier & VIA Italian Wine Ambassador)

In this episode, Monty Waldin interviews William Predhomme, Canadian sommelier based in Toronto and Vinitaly International Academy Italian Wine Ambassador. William tells Monty about the burgeoning […]
18 Dicembre, 2018

Ep. 162 Monty Waldin interviews Leonardo Ricci (Leo Ricci Winery)

In this episode Monty Waldin interviews Leonardo Ricci who produces Prosecco col fondo at the Leo Ricci winery near Treviso. Leonardo, who is also a gourmand, […]

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