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Maggio 24, 2017
Andrea Pieropan

Ep. 27 Monty Waldin interviews Andrea Pieropan of Pieropan Winery

Join us for another exciting wine story from one of Italy’s more well-known wine regions. Monty Waldin chats to Andrea Pieropan of Pieropan winery in Soave, […]
Maggio 23, 2017
Steven Spurrier

Ep. 26 Monty Waldin interviews legendary wine expert Steven Spurrier

“Wine-trade quintessential Englishman,” wine writer, and, recently also wine producer, Steven Spurrier reminisces about his initial forays in the wine-trade in London and Paris. In his […]
Maggio 17, 2017
Valentina Argiolas

Ep. 25 Monty Waldin interviews Valentina Argiolas of Argiolas Winery

This Italian Wine Podcast journey today takes us to the beautiful island of Sardinia with Argiolas winery. Monty Waldin chats to Valentina Argiolas who helps listeners […]
Maggio 16, 2017
JC Viens

Ep. 24 Monty Waldin interviews JC Viens, VIA Ambassador and editor of Spirito diVino Asia

In this podcast, Monty Waldin meets JC Viens, editor of the magazine Spirito diVino Asia and Vinitaly International Academy Ambassador. Monty and JC talk about the […]
Maggio 11, 2017
Henry Davar

Ep. 23 Monty Waldin interviews Henry Davar (VIA Italian Wine Expert)

In this episode, Monty Waldin interviews Henry Davar who completed the Vinitaly International Academy certification course in Verona in April 2017, reaching the Expert Level at […]
Maggio 10, 2017
Ian D'Agata (Vinitaly International Academy Scientific Director)

Ep. 22 Monty Waldin interviews Ian D’Agata of Vinitaly International Academy on the Sangiovese grape

In this episode Monty Waldin and Vinitaly International Academy Scientific Director Ian D’Agata discuss Italy’s most widely planted red grape variety: Sangiovese. Ian brings us on […]

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