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May 15, 2019

Ep. 201 Monty Waldin interviews Alojz Felix Jermann (Jermann Winery) part 1

This interview is the first of two podcasts with Alojz Felix Jermann (Jermann Winery). In this first episode Monty Waldin interviews Alojz Felix Jermann, who is […]
May 14, 2019

Ep. 200 Monty Waldin interviews Thomas Matthews (Wine Spectator)

In episode 200 Monty Waldin interviews Wine Spectator Executive Editor Thomas Matthews. Thomas tells Monty about his personal and professional journey in wine, from picking grapes […]
May 8, 2019

Ep. 199 Monty Waldin interviews Bernardo Pinto (Zahil Importadora)

In this episode Monty Waldin interviews Bernardo Pinto, technical director for Zahil Importadora in Brazil and Vinitaly International Academy Italian Wine Ambassador. Monty and Bernardo discuss […]
May 7, 2019

Ep. 198 Daniele Cernilli (Doctor Wine) on a wine tour of Italy

In this episode, Monty Waldin interviews Daniele Cernilli, Founder of the Doctor Wine magazine (https://www.doctorwine.it/) and Doctor Wine in person! Daniele was also the Founder of […]