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Welcome to Episode 1005 Cynthia Chaplin interviews Alice Achayo, in this installment of Voices, on the Italian Wine Podcast.

More about today’s guest:
Alice Achayo is the founder of the Wine Linguist. A business she started recently that focuses on expanding wine language through global cuisines. Having worked in different parts of the wine industry over the last last 6 years, she wanted to change what she saw was lacking: representation of the global majority’s language, culture, and cuisine. For far too long the wine language has been centered around Eurocentric and Western society. This is one of the many reasons why wine has always been intimidating, exclusive, and uninviting. While there are various ways to diversify the industry, a core focus of the Wine Linguist will be on global cuisine and wine pairing. For me the beauty of the wine language is that it relies on our individual sensory memories. Foods we’ve grown up eating and the scents that surrounded us, play a massive role in our wine vocabularies. Exposing our palate to other cultures’ cuisines will allow for us to learn new ways to talk about wine that is more inclusive and relatable to the majority.

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About today’s Host:
Cynthia Chaplin is a Vinitaly International Academy certified Italian Wine Ambassador, a professional sommelier with Fondazione Italiana Sommelier, a member of Le Donne del Vino, and a Professor of Italian wine and culture. Born in the USA, Cynthia moved to Europe in 1990 where she has lived in Spain, Belgium, England and Italy. She chose to center her career in Rome and immerse herself in the Italian wine sector, which is her passion. She has taught university students and expats, works with embassies, corporations and private clients, creating and presenting tastings, events, seminars and in-depth courses. Cynthia is a wine writer, translator, and a judge at international wine and sake competitions. She consults with restaurants and enotecas assisting in the development of comprehensive wine lists and excellent food pairings, as well as advising private clients who want to develop a comprehensive Italian wine collection. She lives with her British photographer husband on the shore of Lake Bracciano, north of Rome, where they share their beautiful garden with one massive grapevine, two border collies and an arrogant diva cat.

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March 22, 2022
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