Ep. 1162 Kevin Di Lucente Interviews Pierluigi Travaglini | Clubhouse Ambassador’s Corner

Welcome to Episode 1162 Stevie Kim moderates Clubhouse’s Ambassadors Corner – In this episode Kevin Di Lucente Interviews Michele Travaglini.

These sessions are recorded from Clubhouse and replayed here on the Italian Wine Podcast! Listen in on this series as Italian Wine Ambassadors all over the world chat with Stevie and their chosen wine producer. Which producer would you interview if you had your pick?

Kevin di Lucente is an experienced wine sales professional with 12+ years of demonstrated industry success; honors, certifications, and ambassadorships with Vinitaly International Academy, Italian Wine Central, and Society of Wine Educators

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About today’s guest producer:
Pierluigi Travaglini
“We have been winemakers for 3 generations and we produce authentic and identity wines by cultivating only native vines. In our cellar we work the Tintilia , a historic Molise grape that draws its origins from this region, and the Fiano, Malvasia, Trebbiano, Moscato and Multipla varieties.
We are, before many other things, a family that over the years has given life to what is now Tenute Martarosa. Ours is a story written by several hands, where everyone is the author of an engaging chapter. The experience and passion for our work have given us the opportunity to witness the birth of a new wine every year. But also, and above all, the ability to recognize beauty in the simplicity of things. And we want to tell about this beauty, inviting you to taste the flavors of an authentic tradition of which we aspire to be the custodians.”

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More about the moderator Stevie Kim:
Stevie hosts Clubhouse sessions each week (visit Italian Wine Club & Wine Business on Clubhouse), these recorded sessions are then released on the podcast to immortalize them! She often also joins Professor Scienza in his shows to lend a hand keeping our Professor in check! You can also find her taking a hit for the team when she goes “On the Road”, all over the Italian countryside, visiting wineries and interviewing producers, enjoying their best food and wine – all in the name of bringing us great Pods!

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November 17, 2022
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