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In this series Monty Waldin meets fellow podcast hosts from two famous wine shows in the UK and in the USA. In episode 172 Monty interviews Chris Scott at the UK Wine Show. The UK Wine Show Podcast is one of the earliest wine podcasts and the longest lasting digital show about wine. In episode 173 Monty chats to Adam Teeter and Zach Geballe at the VinePair Podcast. The VinePair Podcast covers not only wine but also the beverage sector at large.

Febbraio 6, 2019
Adam Teeter and Zach Geballe (left & right) and Monty Waldin (centre)

Ep. 173 Adam Teeter & Zach Geballe (The VinePair Podcast) on podcasting

In episode 173, Monty Waldin talks to Adam Teeter & Zach Geballe, the hosts of the VinePair Podcast, which airs once a week and covers stories […]
Febbraio 5, 2019

Ep. 172 Chris Scott (The UK Wine Show Podcast) on podcasting

In episode 172, Monty Waldin meets Chris Scott, the host of the UK Wine Show Podcast, one of the earliest podcast shows. Chris started in the […]

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